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 ThugRO is Hiring for Enforcers.

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ThugRO is Hiring for Enforcers. Empty
PostSubject: ThugRO is Hiring for Enforcers.   ThugRO is Hiring for Enforcers. Icon_minitimeThu Jul 22, 2010 12:23 pm

Thug Ragnarok Online
.. is Hiring.

Rules and Conditions before joining:

1. Before Joining the Academy, Applicant should have at least 50 Post *with sense* in the Forum.
Reason: To know that the applicant is active not only in game but also in the forum.

2. Applicant should have at least a Quest Item Guide posted in Guide & FAQ's Section or a Class Discussion Guide post.
Reason: All Enforcers applicant are entitled with extra work w/c should be as Helper. Staffs should know better ThugRO and not Ordinary Players, isn't it?

3. You must have a Review in Ratemyserver.net.

4. Re-Opening of Recruitment Forum Section will be available only if someone resigned or ThugRO is hiring.

5. You can apply into 4 Categories/Position:
5.1. Police
5.2. Designer
5.3. Event Staff
5.4. Tester

6. You should be active in game and in forums.

7. You must speak understandable English

8. You must be motivated and have self confidence.

9. We expect full obedience.

10. You must respect everybody and the rules.

11. You must have basic game knowledge.

12. Refrain from using emoticons in your application.

13. Fill the resume outline and send/e-mail it at thugrag@gmail.com.
Subject should be: 'Your iGN' ThugRO Enforcer Resume

Resume Outline:

Quote :

Forum Name:
Real Name:
Languages you can speak: all the languages you can speak, Ex: Spanish, Dutch, English, French

Your best quality:
Your worst quality
Position your applying:

Biography: Tell us here about yourself. Little story, of where you hang out on ThugRO. etc.

Sample Works: *Designers Only*

Additional Information:

All applicants who have potential talents or motivation in their position they wished to apply will become ThugRO Students and be guilded in game, they will need to passed any exams given through Forum and In Game. Applicants will received Forum PM if they have the guts to be part of the Staff after their Resume's are closed. They will have In Game Interviews afterwards and test before Graduating.

Graduates from the ThugRO Academy will become part of the Staff.

ThugRO is Hiring for Enforcers. I5dugm

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ThugRO is Hiring for Enforcers.
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