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 Tired of listening to the same RO music?

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PostSubject: Tired of listening to the same RO music?   Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:23 am

Are you tired of listening to the same RO music, I'll teach you a way to change it to your likings.

Follow the directions:
I suggest making a back up of the BGM folder before starting, unless you don't really want to, all up to you.
I'll be using highlights to tell you what to do.

First. Locate your RO Music Folder.

Then go to your map that you don't like the music and type /where
e.g. /where [ prontera 150 150 ] The coordinates isn't important.

look in the spoiler at the bottom of this post, or if you pasted it into a file it will be easier to find by pressing ( ctrl f ) type the name of the place, and it will highlight it for you

The red highlight shows that you've located the map, and the blue highlight means it's the file you need to change. NOW GO INTO THE BGM FOLDER!!!

NOTE: I used a notepad here to locate the words.

Ok, here in the BGM folder. In the bluered highlight is the file you found.

Now, find the music you want.
NOTE: It has to be in MP3 FORMAT! OR IT WILL NOT PLAY!!!
After you found the music, paste it into the BGM folder, and rename it to the number of the map
e.g prontera will be 08.mp3
Then yourmusic.mp3 has to be renamed to 08.mp3 and overwrite it.
Do the same with the rest, The number has to match with the map you want!
Please double check that you've got it right.

Now that you've finished it, go log on to ThugRO and warp to the map that the music you've changed and see if it works!

Copy all that is in the spoiler and paste it to a notepad and save it as ROmp3table.txt
The ROmp3table.txt is only a guide, it's just tells you what music mp3 plays on what map, nothing more, you don't have to change anything in the table text documents.

Warning, Long list so paste it to your notepad! ;D

Click on the spoiler to expand and reclick to close it.

Was this helpful? do the poll ;D

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Tired of listening to the same RO music?
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