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 Guides and FAQ's Rules

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Guides and FAQ's Rules Empty
PostSubject: Guides and FAQ's Rules   Guides and FAQ's Rules Icon_minitimeThu Jul 22, 2010 10:46 am


Here are some rules/conditions before making your Guide and FAQ.

1. No Copying of Guide, Learn to use the SEARCH Button. If a guide is already existing, you shouldn't make a new one.
2. Guides and FAQ's is all about ThugRO's quest item and life~ Except Classes Guide, Classes Guide should be posted at Classes Discussion.
3. For NPC Guide, They should have the following format:

Quote :

Quest Item Name:
Comment or your own Introduction:
Item Effect:
NPC Name:
NPC Location: *No giving of exact coordinates, Only the map*
Item Requirements:
Where to find the item requirements (monster, quest e.g):

Add anything helpful like screenshots e.g..

4. By making your Guide, you should have the knowledge on making it thus supporting people who posted for help/tips.
5. Breaking one of this rules would result to warning and then deleting of post or account suspension. Thanks. *Cheers*


Guides and FAQ's Rules I5dugm

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Guides and FAQ's Rules
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